Glass doors

This is a great alternative for simple doors made of traditional materials. These doors give the room uniqueness and style, and well-chosen lighting will provide an extraordinary play of light in the living room, dining room or kitchen. Doors made of glass can be of different types – the pendulum, swinging, sliding. That can be made of a transparent, colored, frosted or glass with symbols of any complexity – it all depends on your imagination and functionality of the room. Interior glass doors – the ease and transparency of home interior. If there are glass doors, even the smallest room will seem more spacious and brighter.

Interior doors made ​​of tempered glass – it is not just a beautiful piece of furniture. This door will serve you for many years. Modern technologies allow to achieve such strength of a glass sheet, which is five times stronger than normal glass. The door made ​​of tempered glass can be broken down only by very strong surgical strike, for example with a hammer or other heavy object. Whichever way the door is broken, glass fragments will not cause injury to others, because tempered glass shatters fall into small fractions blunt. Any glass door is very practical, because of its easiness of maintenance. It is easy to clean glass sheet with ordinary mild detergent (non-abrasive).

We are available to produce interior glass door at any opening, and a rich selection of accessories and standard solutions will please even very demanding customer.