Glass partitions

Since 19th century engineers have come to a conclusion, that the best construction is that one, which functions invisibly. On the wave of addiction by Hi-tech and NewTech trends, architects and designers have tried to visually expand the space of the office or commercial premises, fill it with “air.” The most suitable material for this was the glass. The unique qualities of glass allow seamlessly fit it into the design of any style, and a variety of ways to manifacture provide a boundless field of designer fantasies. Manufacturers began to produce from glass not only the subjects of interior, but also the partitions and doors.

The partitions of different level of transparency, with drawings or of different colour, as well as their different combinations – this is a great material for many spectacular designer solutions. Using different colored glass or decorative glass technology (patterns, fusing, color printing, sand blasting, screen printing, toning in the mass, color films) you can achieve amazing results in the interior with the use of tempered glass partitions.

We offer solutions based on additional equipment and materials, made by such manufacturers as DORMA, GEZE, CDA, SAPA, which can realize the most daring design and engineer solutions.