Passive house

Thermal insulation of buildings is a complex of improvements aimed at creating energy efficient homes, which allows up to 90% reduction in energy consumption for heating. If your ordinary house heating consumes 150kWh/m2a energy, than energy-efficient home heating consumes only 15kWh/m2a. SIA “F Serviss” offers in the Latvian market the system of German company “Inoutic” window profiles Eforte, which perfectly meet the standards of energy efficient home.

Innovative technology and frame of high quality production provide high efficiency for windows made of Eforte profiles. These windows offer outstanding thermal insulation properties (European Standard requires that the coefficient of thermal conductivity of Uw must be equal to or less than ≤ 0.8 W/m2K), primarily due to the special, high-frame technology combined with triple glazing. Eforte system with a unique U-value of 0.95 W/m2K frame blends in with the standards of energy efficient home.

Due to the exceptional isolation it is no longer necessary to install radiators near a window. There is no natural draft caused by the different temperature variations near the window. Even in winter the temperature of the inner surface of the energy efficient windows will not fall below 17оС. This gives more freedom for design and your home furnishing. Additional costs for energy-efficient homes today are minimal and pay off quickly, thanks to the high level of energy efficiency.